Bend it like Granny! On International Yoga Day, meet India’s oldest ‘Yoga Guru’


June 21, 2018

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi led over 50,000 volunteers in Dehradun this morning to mark the fourth International Yoga Day celebrations, Amma Nanammal must have gone to the terrace of her house in Ganapathy, raised her hands above her head, bent forward, and touched her toes without bending her knee.

Nanammal, the 98-year-old yoga expert from Tamil Nadu, is perhaps the oldest Yoga guru in India. She can curl into any Yoga asana effortlessly with extraordinary skill. Yes, age is just a number for her.

She's reportedly the oldest yoga teacher of India and is believed to have trained more than a million students in her life.

On a daily basis, she continues to teach about a 100 students every day and as the legend goes she doesn't break a sweat.
This 98 year old wonder is also the oldest recipient of the Padma Shri along with several other prestigious awards and accolades that adorn her humble abode in Coimbatore.

Her students have trickled down her legacy to all corners of the world: with around 600 of them practicing yoga instruction world over.

Nanammal leads a minimalist life style that comprises of simple meals porridge made with millets for breakfast, greens and rice for lunch, and milk and fruits for dinner; and perhaps to your horror, she doesn't own any swanky yoga mats or Lulumon Yoga pants.

The ancient art of yoga is a tradition in her family that has been passed on for generations now.

Having learned yoga at the age of eight from her father, she has mastered more than 50 asanasand currently runs the Ozone Yoga Center in Coimbatore.

On this International Yoga Day, we celebrate the spirit of Nanammal as we make our clumsy attempts at asanas and try to abstain from cheesy hamburgers.

If this doesn't inspire you to stir the dust off your jaunty bones, then we wonder what will.

Source: NEWS18