Assam | Good news! ‘Parmanu movie’ to be screened for free in cinema halls on Independence Day


GUWAHATI | August 11, 2018:

While all the other states are busy with preparation for Independence day, Guwahati has come up with a special idea of previewing patriotic movie 'Parmanu' in cinema halls.

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After a meeting with Kamrup, Deputy commissioner Virendra Mittal, the theatre owners have selected screening the movie- 'Parmanu' starring John Abrahim. Based on a real story, The Story of Pokhran is India's mission to become a nuclear state and sincere efforts have been put in to make it look like one—contrasting real-life footage from the speeches made by Vajpayee, Bill Clinton (the covert mission was a great intelligence failure for the US) and Nawaz Sharif.

The screening of the movie will be free-of-cost and is scheduled at 11AM on August 15.

The show will be open for students from Class VIII to Post Graduate level. The students will have to show their identity cards, and entry will be on first-come-first-serve basis.

Source: G-Plus

Featured image: Free Press Journal