Assam: Elephant kills woman at Phoolguri village


GUWAHATI, June 18, 2018: In a tragic incident, Tilottoma Nath , a 50-year-old widow was trampled to death by wild elephants in the wee hours of Saturday at Phoolguri village near Sarapara under Matia police station, while trying to escape a herd of wild elephants that had entered the village.

Tilottoma was trying to leave her house when she encountered a tusker, which trampled her. The villagers said this could be the work of a male elephant nicknamed Laden, which has taken more than five lives.

B. Das, the range forest officer of Rongjuli, said, "We received information of two elephants entering the village and were on duty on Saturday night. Around 1.50am an elephant broke the wall of the woman's house. She was trying to escape when she was trampled."

Das blamed the encroachment and the attempts to frighten away the elephants with firecrackers for the damage.

Source: The Telegraph

Featured image: SABN