10-yr-old tortured and sold by Parents, many raped her


NATIONAL | March 21, 2018

A 10-year-old girl was sold multiple times by her elderly father and stepmother to many unidentified men in the past four years, all of whom raped her. The girl, who used to stay with her 60-year-old father and 25-year-old stepmother in Loni, was found loitering near the railway station in Jaipur in December last year and was handed over to child welfare committee in Ghaziabad by its counterpart in Jaipur. On Tuesday, the CWC wrote to the police to file an FIR against the girl's parents.
The girl, who is under the constant watch of the CWC, and being given periodic counselling, has many burn injuries on her thighs and legs which, according to her, were inflicted by her father using a hot iron rod.

The minor, who narrated the sordid tale of torture she underwent for several years, also revealed that her father had stolen many children from railway stations and sold them in far-flung areas. Her father, a butcher, had remarried after the death of her mother.

"The girl has suffered a number of atrocities at the hands of her parents and is in a state of shock. The girl's sufferings increased manifold after her father, a butcher, got married for the second time four years ago. She was beaten at home if she made any mistake in doing household work like cooking and cleaning. Many times, boiling tea was thrown on her," said Shalini Singh, a CWC member.

"The girl's stepmother sold her to a man, who in turn gave her to some other person after keeping her for a while. In this manner, she was moved from one place to another. The girl told us that she had been to Kolkata, Chandigarh, Jodhpur and Delhi among other places. At few instances, she escaped and came back home, but was again sold by the woman," said Singh.

 "She was found loitering near the railway station in Jaipur and someone handed her over to the CWC there in December. Her father was called, but she refused to go with him. The CWC officials then contacted us, she said.
"Her counselling has been going on. She told us that her mother would force her into stealing things from railway stations. We also found a three-year-old boy living with the girl's parents, who is most probably not their child. We are also looking into it. The girl has categorically refused to go back to her parents. On Tuesday, we have written to the police to file an FIR against the girl's parents," said Singh.
Circle officer, Loni, Durgesh Singh said a proper investigation will be conducted in the case.
Source: Times of India
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