This Tripura doctor is giving opportunities to amateur photographers while making his mother immortal!

This Tripura doctor is giving opportunities to amateur photographers while making his mother immortal!

By Priyanka Deb Barman | December 24, 2017

AGARTALA: An NRI doctor has made an attempt to motivate amateur photographers by conducting photography exhibition in Agartala.  The doctor who is also an amateur photographer organized the exhibition in memory of his late mother from December 22 this year which was held for the third time.

The contest was open to amateur photographers from Tripura or those with roots in the state only.\

Dr. Swapan Choudhury addressing the audience at the photo exhibition in Agartala

“Photography is my passion and I can feel my mother through photography. She too encouraged me a lot throughout her life. The contest you can say, is a kind of tribute to my beloved mother whom I miss badly and also to encourage young photographers of my state,” the NRI said when interviewed by TNT-The Northeast Today.

Explaining reason to open the contest only for amateurs, he cited out a few talented and passionate photographers who were forced to quit photography either due to poor package or getting lost in the competitive world. He felt that those photographers could be brought back to the podium only through contests.

“Many photographers could not meet up the challenge in this competitive world despite having talents. Very few photographers could make photography as source of livelihood. It is seen that poverty is the toughest challenge which forced many talents to opt for other professions to ensure livelihood and naturally, they restrained their connection with cameras. I tried to make them hooked to camera through this small contest,”  he said.

Having roots in a small village of Kamalpur in North Tripura District, Dr. Swapan Choudhury organized the exhibition first in 2015 under the banner ‘Amiyaprabha Choudhury Memorial Photography Competition.’ Amiyaprabha Choudhury was his mother.

Despite his busy schedule, Dr. Choudhury visits his hometown once a year to recall his childhood memories. “I use American citizenship but I am Indian from heart. I manage to come at least once a year to meet my extended families and relatives,” he said.

In the first contest, they received 635 entries and the subsequent year, the number rose to 1011.

Entries were open from October till November 30. Over 1500 entries for the four categories – ‘Tripura- I Love You’, ‘Women Photographers of Tripura’, ‘Young Photographers of Tripura’ and ‘General’ were received for the contest.

“Winners for general category were given Rs. 50,000 and for the rest categories, the prize money was Rs. 42,000. The grand winner from all the categories was honoured with a citation and cash money of Rs. 50, 000,” Dr. Choudhury said.

After completing MBBS from Orissa in 1983 Dr. Choudhury joined service in Tripura.  He left India for USA to join a fellowship in 1990 and permanently settled there.

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