This small town Tura band is taking ‘Fame’ to a whole new level: Meet FameTheBand!

This band from Tura, Meghalaya is taking 'Fame' to an international level and their achievements are testimonies of their hardwork, dedication and above all, passion!

This small town Tura band is taking ‘Fame’ to a whole new level: Meet FameTheBand!

By SHWETA RAJ KANWAR | November 29, 2017
If there are people out there looking for simplicity, people who do not mind the lack of technicality, people who claim they are random, whose mood transition goes from crappy love songs to liberation to being random as heck… Hopefully, FameTheBand lets you relate with them. If you comparatively talk about their music as compared to the rest of Meghalaya, it is definitely something you do not get to hear everyday. All the members hail from a small town in Meghalaya, unheard of by most, have successfully climbed to that level of making it big in the music scene.
Fueled by the mutual interest in making songs, by 2013, it band became concrete. Motivation has been drawn from the band’s first original, which got them the best in the whole competition. And from there, their journey so far has been a struggle because of their distances and studies.
There will be more of them in the years to come. Justifying their own dreams. For now, here is TNT- The Northeast Today in an exclusive interview with the members of FameTheBand.
TNT: Tell us about yourselves. What is the story behind ‘Fame the band’ ?
Fame: There’s a small town called Tura in Meghalaya, that’s where we’re all from. When talking about the band I think it’s safe to start with Mikkimra (guitarist) and Mark (drummer) being brothers. They have been jamming together since quite a while back. Tengsam (bassist) has been performing and jamming alongside them for most of that time. Fame (vocals) on the other hand has been classmates with Mikkimra for most of their school years and they have performed together a while. FameTheBand is where these two worlds met and became one.


TNT : How did you guys come together and when did you decide to form this band? 
Fame: In 2013, there was a local competition we took part in and that’s when the band first formed. From there, circumstances kept us apart but by the end of 2016 we set everything aside to fully focus on the band.
TNT: Tell us about your recent release/s? 
Fame: Our debut album ‘nouns’ would be our latest release. Its a compilation of abstractions of our everyday lives.
TNT: How has the journey been so far?
Fame: The journey has been both tough and fulfilling. There’s nothing like the fulfillment you get after a tough journey though. So we keep pushing ourselves and request people to do the same.
TNT: Tell us about your achievements
Fame: The release of our debut album ‘Nouns’ has been by far our biggest achievement and something that we’re very proud of. Coming up with ten songs isn’t funny anymore when you’ve put in a lot of work and effort. We have also won an award for ‘Best Potential Band’ at Hornbill 2015 and in 2016, won both Strawberry Fields, Bangalore and Mood Indigo, Mumbai.
You can listen to their latest release here: Nouns | FameTheBand
TNT: Do you guys jam on a regular basis?What else do you do other than music?
Fame: Let’s be honest, the band doesn’t jam enough, which means we’re not regular. When we’re home in Tura it’s a different thing, we have a place to jam and we don’t go broke as often as we do in Mumbai. And in Mumbai, we can’t jam at home with every instrument, we have society restrictions, then there are jam pads. We try to fit in a jam every time we get a chance. We’re doing this full time
TNT: Why the name ‘Fame‘?
Fame: The band is called FameTheBand. ‘Fame’ is the name of our vocalist. As for the name, aside from the obviousness of the connection, it was a product of laziness to come up with a different band name and it just stuck so there’s not much of a story behind it.
TNT: Tell us about your international gigs/performances
Fame: We’re are currently in Nepal touring as part of our album launch tour. We have played Kathmandu and now we’re going to okay in Butwal and Pokhara. We are also getting to play alongside Nepali rock icons ‘The Shadows’ so that’s pretty awesome.
TNT- Tips for upcoming bands 
Fame: Every band has their own story and struggle. It’s different for everyone. If you believe in your music, keep at it. Nothing comes easy.
TNT: Your take on music scene in Northeast India
Fame: The music scene in Northeast India is growing and growing fast. In the past few years we’ve had a sudden sprout of numerous festivals, opportunities and amazing musicians in the Northeast. It’s only going to get better.




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