These beautiful Dances of the Meiteis of Manipur will leave you enchanted!

These beautiful Dances of the Meiteis of Manipur will leave you enchanted!

Pung Cholom or Drum Dance of Manipur

The Pung Cholom dance is acrobatic in nature and usually performed as a prelude to the Raas Leela dance of Manipur. This dance is graceful and usually performed by male dancers. The body moves accordingly with the beat of the drum and this is one of the most spectacular dance from Manipur.

Raas Leela dance of Manipur

The Manipuri Raas leela is one of the important classical dance of India.  It depicts the eternal love story of Radha and Krishna in Vrindaban. It is a team dance usually performed with the movements of hands and upper body parts in a synchronized and graceful manner, danced, to the beat of devotional music played by using traditional instruments.

Maibi jaigoi or the Dance of the Priestesses

The Maibi Dance or the dance of the Priestesses is a unique dance of Manipur. It is danced by the female priests during the festival of Lai Haraoba of Manipur. It is danced to the tune of the Pena- a very special and traditional instrument of Manipur. Through the dance, the priestesses pays obeisance to the Forest Gods or popularly called the Umang Lai.

Khamba- Thoibi dance

Khamba Thoibi dance is the most popular folk dance of Manipur.  It is danced usually during the festival of Lai Haraoba in Manipur. The dance showcases the love story between Khamba and Thoibi, mythical protagonists of a folk love story.

Manipuris have a unique way of expressing themselves through their graceful dance. All the dances of the Meiteis are usually devotional in nature. The different forms of dances of the Manipuris are usually famous in their different styles and forms.

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