The effect of Climate Change, it’s time we are serious about it!!

The effect of Climate Change, it’s time we are serious about it!!

AIZAWL, August 24: Two months have passed since the catastrophe in Mizoram with flood and landslide particularly under Tlabung sub-division due to the flooding of the Khawtlangtuipui River.

As per the State Disaster Management Authority’s report for Mizoram, stated that 1200mm of rain was received within two days on the 12th and 13th of June, 2017 resulting in flash floods and landslides in numerous locations. The torrential monsoon this time affected almost half a million people and more than 80 people have died. It was also reported that there were 51 villages and 3,109 houses damaged with as much as 6440.7 hectares of standing agricultural crops being lost.

Rain continues and the situation has not improved in certain areas.  It is also a result of cyclone Mora affecting other NE states especially Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, and Nagaland.








Majority of the Chakma tribes living in the hilly areas of eastern Bangladesh known as the Chittagong Hill Tracts. The entire population is estimated to be around 550,000 spread in three countries. Around 80,000 Chakma are settled in Mizoram State in India. They mostly live in the south western part of the state and has an Autonomous Council under the sixth schedule of the Constitution.

The Chakmas normally build their houses on slopes near the banks of the river or a stream and they form a homestead (bari), also live in the hamlet (para) and at times the hamlets make up a village (gram).

On hearing about the flood Centre for Peace and Development (CPD) a local NGO based at Aizawl with the support of ActionAid immediately surveyed the affected villages under Tlabung and helped 419 families with 25 kilogram of rice in three villages namely (Bindiasora, Tiperaghat and Silkur) and in the second phase with the support received from a CSR unit of Cipla Foundation support was provided to 421 affected families from 8 villages namely (Bornasury, Chondobighat, Diblibagh, Khojoisurychhuah, Larei Veng, Lettisury, New Khojoisury and Old Khojoisury) by  providing Tarpaulin to the deserving beneficiaries.








The district administration was very supportive and gave the permission for the Humanitarian Aid. It is also time now to get prepared for such catastrophe that can happen anytime in the near future. This is just an awakening as the consequence of Climate Change is real.

(by Joshi Tuisum)







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