Tripura Royal Scion’s Facebook post strikes a chord with the masses as they do what was undone


TNT Desk | August 20, 2018

As Tripura celebrated the 110th birth anniversary of their last king Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya a day ago, the sorry state of the royal cremation ground under the Agartala Municipal Corporation (AMC) reflected a disheartening contrast. The corporation was found to have ignored their duties and their respect for the king when it was discovered that the royal cremation ground was in a deplorable condition – as a result of the corporation's inability to clean it up as was assured by them several times.

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The issue came to light when Maharaja Pradyot Bikram Manikya Debbarma, the Head of the Royal Family of Tripura and the grandson of Maharaja Bir Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya went to the royal cremation ground to pay homage to his grandfather following which he updated a post on social media.

He expressed his dissatisfaction through the following statements- "Went to royal cremation ground to pay homage to My grandfather Maharaja Bir Bikram on his 110 birth centenary .The AMC which manages this place repeatedly assured us that they will maintain this place but despite all assurances look at the garbage which they were supposed to clean up just yards away from where Maharaja Bir Bikram was laid to rest . Part of me feels angry while another humiliated . So much talk of the great king , the actions of the municipal is more important than speeches !! Or is his memory just to gain emotional support for unscrupulous officials and political gimmicks . Left the place feeling angry but it's the humiliation which will remain long after anger subsides"

Just a day after the post was published, the royal scion seemed to have struck the right cord with the people of Tripura as they took it upon themselves to clean up the royal cremation grounds rather than staying dependent on the AMC to take action.

Soon after this, the royal scion expressed his gratitude to the people through another post as seen under-

Speaking to TNT- The Northeast Today, Vice President All Tripura Indigenous Students Association Birala Natia (ATISA) said, "We came to know from the media that yesterday on the birth anniversary of our beloved Maharaja Bir Bikram Manikya Bahadur, the Agartala Municipal Corporation did not even cared to atleast clean the royal crematory ground. Earlier the government did not allow us to go inside the ground but today activists of ATISA (Student's wing of IPFT), IWFT and Youth IPFT went to the royal crematory ground and cleaned the entire mess lying around. As we felt insulted by the attitude of the municipal corporation towards our king who did so much for the state".

However, when speaking to TNT- The North East Today, the Mayor of Agartala Municipal Corporation (AMC), Dr. Prafulla Jit Sinha said, "We do regularly maintain the royal cremation ground but it is very difficult for us to keep a check every time who is doing what there. There is also boundary walls around the royal cremation ground but some people climb the boundary walls and get inside the ground to drink alcohol. Though we will keep this thing in check".