Tripura HC bans motor-driven pedal rickshaws with immediate effect


Agartala | February 20,2019

In a landmark order, the Tripura High Court has banned the motor-driven pedal rickshaws plying in the town with immediate effect. The crucial order was passed on Feb 19 by the division bench of chief justice Sanjay Karol and justice Arindam Lodh on a public interest litigation (PIL) filed by advocate Arnav Roy with the directive that motors from the pedal rickshaws be removed immediately in public interest.

Arnav Roy had pointed out in his petition about various problems caused by the motor-driven pedal rickshaws as they had speeds of forty kms per hour for which the rickshaw drivers did not have the requisite training . Moreover the breaks in these rickshaws are fitted with the front wheels and as a result when these rickshaws have to be suddenly stopped there are incidents of accidents. These rickshaws do not have any proper registration or facilities for lighting and , consequently, any one meeting accident while riding such rickshaws can not hope to secure any compensation from insurance agencies. The state government does not get any revenue from the motor driven pedal rickshaws as the motors have been fitted without any clearance from any government authority. He demanded the removal of motors from the pedal rickshaws.

Considering all these matters the division bench of the high court ordered immediate banning of such motor-driven rickshaws from roads of Agartala. They can ply only after removing the motors. However, highly placed official sources said that since livelihood of many people were involved in plying motor-driven rickshaws, a new law streamlining the matter might be enacted to let them continue plying but the high court order would be definitely complied with.