Tripura Governor Tathagata Roy tweet over Rohingya triggers controversy


AGARTALA, September 11: Tripura Governor Tathagata Roy once again triggered controversy over his tweet opposing the rehabilitation of Rohingya Muslims in India when mostly the Left oriented politicians and intellectuals became vocal seeking Rohingya's shelter in the country.

Roy's tweet triggered a huge response from various quarters but he, again true to his indomitable ways, stuck to his opinion. Roy had been tweeting on the Rohingya problem for the last few days. "No Islamic country nor Bangladesh (state religion Islam) accepts Rohingyas. But India, great Dharamshala, must. And if u say no, you're inhuman!" Roy tweeted on the issue.

He then referred to the genocides committed on the Hindus in then East Pakistan and kept on throwing caustic yet pointed tweets. Several tweets and re-tweets followed some castigating him, some saying kudos. The Governor, however, remained in his position and then tweeted: "Since morning I am being trolled by Islamists and stooges for having said we shouldn't accept Rohingya garbage. Proves I'm on right track".

Image courtesy: Twitter

Although the BJP restrained from commenting on the Governor's tweet, both Congress and CPI-M lashed out saying that Roy has been misusing the stature and his comment is partisan against some community. CPI-M chief Bijan Dhar alleged this was not for the first instance that Roy made such comment against the spirit of his post.

"We feel he should not make such comments holding the office of Governor, as it gives out wrong signal to the secular and democratic fabric of our country. He is well enough to understand and realise the consequences and danger of such tweet," Dhar stated.


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