‘Joining BJP not right option’: Former Tripura Congress Chief


AGARTALA | MARCH 14, 2020:

Former Tripura Congress chief Pradyot Debbarman feels that joining the "BJP is not the right option" and that it's time for Rahul Gandhi to talk to young leaders to stop desertion.

Pradyot Debbarman believes it was wrong of his cousin Jyotiraditya Scindia to join the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Debbarman, who belongs to the Tripura royal family and is Scindia's cousin, said, "Jumping on to the BJP bandwagon is not the right option. We should sit down and find ways as to how we can contribute for the country in a situation where the Congress leadership seems unwilling to give space to the youth."

"I think leaders such as Sachin Pilot (Rajasthan), Ajoy Kumar (Jharkhand) and many others have the capability," he said.

Debbarman said if the Congress is not willing to wake up and not ready to fight against the BJP, "then it is important to come out with a new independent centrist party which works for all and without leaning towards one extreme".

Earlier, Debbarman himself had resigned as the Tripura Congress chief last year, he exhorted the need for Rahul Gandhi to connect with young leaders of the party.

The leader said that the formation of another Centrist party might be in the offing if the Congress did not already wake up to fight the BJP.

Claiming that he was only echoing the thoughts of the Gandhi scion, Debbarman reminded how Rahul had mentioned in his resignation letter that the senior Congress leaders were indulging abundantly in favouritism instead of thinking about the welfare of the party.

Scindia ended his 18-year-long allegiance to the Congress party rather unceremoniously earlier this week to join hands with the BJP. As the optics laid out, the rift within Madhya Pradesh Congress became apparent, with Scindia and Chief Minister Kamal Nath challenging each other to welfare duels.