22 Tripura candidates have criminal cases against them; 35 crorepatis!


From Our Correspondent, TNT News | Agartala, Feb 11, 2018: 

Galore of criminals and crorepatis are in fray for the Tripura Assembly elections on February 18.

Results of the polls would be announced on March 3.

Out of 297 candidates analysed, 22 (7%) have declared criminal cases and 17 (6%) against them.

Total 35 candidates have assets worth of over Rs. 1 crore, according to a report of Tripura Election Watch.

Of 297 candidates in fray, 24 are women.

It further stated that 80 candidates have not declared their PAN details. Total 231 candidates have not declared details related to their income tax and 29 never disclosed their source of income.

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Giving detailed information, Tripura Election Watch state coordinator -Biswendu Bhattacharjee said that 11 BJP candidates that comprised of 22% of 51 candidates followed by 4 from Congress (7% of 59 candidates) , 2 from CPM (4% of 57 candidates), IPFT(22% of 9 candidates) each and 1 from Trinamool Congress (4% of 24 candidates) have criminal charges against them.

Of total 17 candidates having serious criminal cases like murder, attempt to murder, crime against women etc , 9 (18%) were from BJP, 3 (5%) from Congress, 2 (22%) from IPFT with one candidate each from Trinamool Congress and independent category.

One independent candidate has murder charge and six have 'attempt -to-murder' charge against them.

On a different note, among 35 crorepatis , 18 were BJP followed by 9 from Congress, 4 from CPM, 2 from INPT and one from IPFT and Trinamool Congress each.

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Average assets possessed by each candidate contesting the polls is Rs. 46.92 lakh. Among the major parties, the average assets possessed by 59 Congress candidates are Rs. 53.16 lakh.

57 CPM candidates have average assets of Rs. 39.91 lakh, 51 BJP candidates have average assets worth of Rs. 1.5 crore, 24 Trinamool Congress have  average assets is Rs. 9.93 lakh, 15 INPT candidates have average assets of Rs. 36.44 lakh, 9 IPFT candidates have average assets of Rs. 23 lakh and 25 independent candidates have Rs. 7.25 lakh as average assets.

Top ten candidates having highest assets worth of over Rs. 1 crore are BJP candidate Jishnu Devvarman ( over Rs.11 crore), Congress candidate -Kebel Kanti Nandi ( over Rs. 6 crore), BJP nominee -Biplab Kumar Ghosh ( over Rs. 5 crore), Congress candidate – Prashanta Bhattacharjee ( over Rs. 5 crore), BJP candidates- Pranajit Singha Roy ( over Rs. 5 crore), Arun Bhowmik, Dilip Sarkar, Biswabandhu Sen ( over Rs. 4 crore), Sudip Roy Barman ( over Rs. 3 crore) and Congress nominee -Billal Miah ( over Rs. 2 crore).

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Three candidates from a regional party – Tripura People's Party (TPP)  have lowest assets and two candidates have declared ' zero assets.'

Total 110 candidates have highest liabilities with debt among whom BJP candidate Jitendra Majumdar topped the list.

In reference to educational qualification, he stated that 173 candidates have qualifications between Class 5 and 12 while 121 candidates are graduates or above.

Total 140 candidates are within age-group of 25 and 50 years old and 156 are between 51 and 80 years old. Only one candidate is above 80 years old.