Sikkim: Less movement of vehicular traffic after implementation of MV Act


GANGTOK | JAN 8, 2020:

After the implementation of new Central Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 2019 in Sikkim, the Transport department in coordination with the Police Department, has undertaken a three month long Road Safety Drive cum Enforcement Drive. The checking is being undertaken at various locations in all four districts of the Himalayan state.

Since the checking started on 6th this month, the usually jammed roads in the state capital has seen an unusual calm in the traffic with many vehicles staying off road to update their documents. 

There has been reports from across the state about low movement of vehicles in state highways. The crucial NH 10 connecting Sikkim with rest of the country has also seen minimum movement of vehicular traffic.

66,703 plus motor vehicles will be checked and their documents and other such necessities will be verified by the police and motor vehicle officials for the next three months.

As per the new amended Act the fines for various traffic rule violations have become almost ten fold more.

As informed by the police, the department has devised a proper checking system by incorporating e-Challan application in mobile phone. 'Checked' stickers will be issued by the concerned department to each vehicle once thoroughly checked and verified to refrain from the hassle of undergoing rechecking. However, the vehicles will be rechecked in cases of overloading and drunken driving . The department also intends to check all government vehicles, including that of the enforcement agencies, it was informed.