Sikkim CM interacts with representatives of ‘left out’ communities



Sikkim Chief Minister P.S. Golay, on January 5, interacted with the representatives of the left out communities to discuss their views and suggestions on the issue at Samman Bhawan.

During the meeting, the representatives gave their opinions and provided an update on the work that has been done.

“The inclusion of the left out communities is one promise in the manifesto which this government will leave no stone unturned to fulfil that promise,” Golay told reporters.

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“We met several Union Ministers including our Prime Minister, Home Minister, Minister for Tribal Affairs and prominent personalities Shri J.P Nadda and our M.P. Shri Indra Hang Subba who has also been dedicatedly working towards this cause,” he said.

“It was the first time the representatives of all the left out communities have gathered under one roof and encouraged them to collectively work towards a common goal. There has been an addition of Majhi community to the 11 left out communities making it 12. I extend my support to the organisations and will visit New Delhi with a delegation and the representatives of the 12 communities,” he added.

(Edited by Christopher Gatphoh)