Darjeeling: a sitting time bomb as additional para-military forces deployed


Darjeeling, Friday, June 16, 2017: Arson continued in the Hills of Darjeeling for the second day today as suspected pro-Gorkhaland activists setting afire government property to retaliate police raid on GJM supremo Bimal Gurung's office, even as the Centre rushed 400 more para-military forces and the West Bengal government deputed seven more IPS officers to reign in violent movement for separate state for Gorkhas.

Reports reaching here said suspected Gorkha activists torched two panchayat offices in Mirik, power station at Lodhama, forest office at Tarkhola in Kalimpong, and two other places since overnight to enforce total strike, called immediately after police raid at Gurung'soffice at Patlebas near Darjeeling town yesterday morning. Latest report of arson in hills happened after the pro-Gorkhand supporters attacked policemen, burnt two NBSTC buses, a media vehicle, a police outpost and a government office, Despite deployment of six columns of Army, ten companies of para-military forces in addition to state armed and combat forces, the overall situation in the Hills was volcanic and tense following increasing reports of arson.

The West Bengal government refused to cow down in the face of increasing violence in the Hills with the Gorkha supporters demanding statehood for them. Nabanna, the State Secretariat, ordered dispatch of seven more IPS officials in addition to four IPS officials stationed in Darjeeling.

Source: News Agencies