A motivated learner, Sushmita Gurung is all set for Playwin Miss Sikkim 2017!


-By Yougan Tamang

As the day for the grand finale of "Playwin Miss Sikkim 2017"nears and the preparations underway in full swing, we bring to you exclusive interviews of the 17 contestants, giving you an insight of why they are worthy of the win. Today we bring to you contestant number 10:

For Sushmita Gurung life is all about experiencing new things and learning lessons from them. She is not the one who would spend her present planning for the future. She will instead grab every opportunity she would consider worthy of utilizing and which will help build her as a better person. Her parents being her support system and her greatest role models, Sushmita aspires to become like them. Born on 24th March, 1995, to parents, Pavitra Rai and Shyam Gurung of 6th Mile Tadong, East Sikkim, Sushmita attained her school education from Holy Cross School, Tadong and Baha'i School, Saramsa. Further, she completed her graduation from Sunrise University, Alwar, Rajasthan. She is also a trained Bharatnatyam dancer. With much expectations of a great learning experience, Sushmita now eyes to win the much coveted "Playwin Miss Sikkim 2017" title. Know more about this Sikkimese beauty in the excerpt below from her interview.

TNT: How would you describe your personality?

A: I am very practical, down to earth, positive and a happy person with a sense of humor.

TNT: What according to you are the qualities needed to become a beauty queen?

A: Self confidence, poise, versatility at work, finesse at completing any kind of task and beauty with brain.

TNT: Did you always want to participate in beauty pageant or particularly Miss Sikkim?

A: I did not consider myself as a 'modeling' type of person, however, I am a person who likes to experience and learn new things. This is how I ended up participating in Miss Sikkim. And I am thankful that my parents have always been supportive and have motivated me in everything I do.

TNT: How will winning the Miss Sikkim 2017 title change your life?

A: I am hoping for bigger opportunities that would lead me to a new field of career settlements.

TNT: What is woman empowerment according to you?

A: Women empowerment for me is to believe in self independence, self awareness and achieving goals in life with no fear or boundaries of caste, culture or gender. Every woman should realise that they are no less than men and all men should understand that women are not simply born to take care of house or giving birth to a child. Education makes a difference. Every girl child has the right to education and to become a woman who is self worthy.

TNT: Your future plans?

A: I have no definite future plans. I believe that there are opportunities; we just need to know when to stop for the right one.

TNT: Your role model(s)?

A: Great people have always wowed me with the name and fame they have earned, yet they never seem to inspire me much. In my case, my parents are my greatest inspiration. I have seen them being for each other during their highs and lows. I have witnessed their kindness towards other people. They work hard to give me a good life. I wish to be like them, even a half of the person they are.

TNT: Your hobbies?

A: My hobbies include dancing, swimming and writing poems.

TNT: Lines/quote that describes you the best:

A: Do not be afraid of doing what you want because you only live once.

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