Nagaland: State Congress extends support to NPF candidate


KOHIMA, May 22, 2018: Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) president K. Therie on Monday has extended the NPCC's support to C. Apok Jamir in the forthcoming 2018 Lok Sabha bye-election in Nagaland scheduled for May 28.

He informed that Congress has decided not to set up a candidate in this Lok Sabha election.

"We have decided that secular forces must come together against communal forces," he said while speaking at the Lok Sabha bye-election campaign rally for NPF candidate C.Apok Jamir organized by Campaign Committee NPF Phek Division at Pfutsero.

For this bye-election, he said, the contest is between the political ideologies of communalism and secularism, adding that "Communalism in our context is the imposition of Hindutva by the Government. This is the basic principle of the BJP. Their objective is to bring all other communities under Hinduism."

Stating that India has immense diversity of religion, culture, customs and social practices, Therie said "Every state has its own uniqueness. The uniqueness and characteristic of the Nagas are different from other communities and states in the nation. Our religion, culture, customs and social practices are protected under the special provision of Article 371 (A)."

He said that the BJP's objective is to remove all the special provision under the Constitution.

Stating he is not jealous of BJP's organization, he said "They are free to preserve and protect their own religion, but, they should not disturb other religions, culture, customs, food habits and social practices."

Touching on secularism, he said "Secularism in our context means free from religious rule and teachings or rather, free from imposition of religion by government. Secularism is tolerance of other religions and social practices. Communalism is exactly the opposite of secularism."

Therie said that people of Nagaland should have a clear vision of the future before voting.

He argued that the BJP and the NDPP have not committed anything to the people in the election, adding that he did not even see them put up an election manifesto.

"The people have given a blank cheque to the BJP and NDPP alliance under the banner of People's Democratic Alliance (PDA)," he said.

He said the PDA government will collapse after 2019 general election.

Stating that vote has the power to encourage or discourage Hindutva in Nagaland, Therie said "Even if the entire Nation votes for BJP and its alliance, Nagaland voters should not commit this grave mistake for the sake of our generations. I appeal to each one of you to save Nagaland with your vote. Stop playing the role of Judas Iscariot."

He also challenged the voters to convey a clear message to the world and to India, that, "Nagaland stands for secular principles, ideologies and philosophies."

Source: Morung Express