Nagaland: NPF MLAs demand top model Toyota Innova Cars worth Rs 22 Lakh each


Kohima | March 11, 2018

Nagaland is a controversial state in terms of politics as well as politicians. Just a few days after induction in the new government, some ministers have yet again gained the spotlight for for being dissatisfied with the kind of vehicles allotted to them. 11 Nagaland MLAs have rejected the official vehicles allotted to them and have demanded premium SUVs. The MLAs belong to the Naga People's Front (NPF) party. They have written to the Commissioner & Secretary of the Nagaland legislative assembly demanding luxury SUVs, each costing around Rs 22 lakh. There are 60 NPF MLAs which means that the said SUVs would cost the state exchequer over Rs 13 crore.

The MLAs were initially allotted Renault Duster as official vehicle but the ministers have asked for top model Innova Crysta. 60 Renault Dusters would have costed the exchequer around Rs 7.8 crore. In the letter the MLAs said that they are rejecting the Renault Dusters due to maintenance issue.

In the recently-concluded polls for the 60-member state assembly, the NPF has emerged as the single-largest party with 27 seats.