Nagaland | Kongan village declares complete ban on mining activities


KOHIMA, November 13, 2018: Kongan Village Council (KVC) on Monday declared a complete ban on all mining activities within Kongan land starting November 20, 2018.

In a joint statement, KVC chairman H Menlong Konyak, N Konang Angh, Pongyong Angh, Longme Konyak GB, T Yamyap Konyak GB, Amao Konyak GB, S Longmoi Konyak GB and KVSU president S Kampa Konyak, said that decision to impose ban on mining activities was taken in the larger interest of the Konyaks.

They also said that declaration had been initiated since the present coal mining activities were hampering the proposed National Highway survey that connects Mon district with Assam.

In this regard, the KVC has directed that all labour and machineries be withdrawn from Kongan soil within the stimulated time. KVC also directed all coal mining contractors and land owners to strictly comply with its directives so as to deliver road connectivity to the entire Konyak populace.

The council warned that it should not be held responsible for any untoward situation that could occur on non-compliance to its directives/declaration, adding that this concern individual would be solely held responsible for any untoward eventualities.

With Nagaland Post inputs