NAGALAND: Ignored by govt, M&D Union organises road improvement work

NAGALAND: Ignored by govt, M&D Union organises road improvement work

KOHIMA | September 12, 2019:

In what may be called as a pure negligence by the State Government to provide good road connectivity and maintaining of the roads, the Mobile and Drivers Union of Noklak HQ, on Thursday, organised road improvement work from Noklak to Tuensang Road, covering the worst stretch between Chingdang saddle and Chingmei Compound.

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The Union informed that the state govt failed to do any road improvement work for the past many years in that stretch making it unpliable and risky for the travelers and transporters.

Noklak district which lies in the most remote part of Eastern Nagaland was upgraded into a full fledge district only in the year 2017 but it still continues to lack even the basic amenities.

The stretch which was repaired by the Drivers Union is also the only life line for the people of Noklak area. The Unions maintained the drainage, repaired road, and cleaned roadside jungle in the worse portion between Chingmei and Chentang Sadle.

Various organizations under Noklak participated and supported materially and expressed gratitude to the Union for their generous work. They also mentioned that the R&B department also contributed during the road improvement.