Nagaland Baptist Church asks Christians to refrain from practicing Yoga


TNT News | Kohima, Jan 22, 2018:

The Chakhesang Baptist Church Council (CBCC), a constituent of the Nagaland Baptist Church Council has reiterated its stand on anti-Christians ideologies while urging every Christian believer to refrain from practicing Yoga, in line with the appeal made by the Nagaland BCC few months ago.

The CBCC recently appeal all concerned authority not to impose yoga practices to Naga students to uphold the religious freedom envisaged in the Constitution.

This was call was made during the 67th general council of CBCC held at CBCC Mission Centre, T. Chikri, Pfutsero hosted by Baptist Theological College (BTC) from January 19 to 20 under the theme "Knitted together in Christ". Altogether 514 delegates representing all the CBCC churches participated.

CBCC resolved to pray and fight against all exploitative and oppressive forces and ideologies that were found inimical and detrimental to Christian faith and practices.

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A press release by CBCC executive secretary, Rev. Dr. Vezopa Tetseo stated that in the annual meeting resolutions were adopted by the delegates present. It resolved on church unity whereby it reaffirmed its commitment and endeavour to keep up the unity of the spirit and further resolved to remain "Knitted together in Christ" under the banner of Chakhesang Baptist Church Council with the sole purpose of advancing the Kingdom of God and fulfilling the great commission of Lord Jesus Christ. It also resolved on church sanctity and called upon all the believers and churches to uphold the Biblical sanctions of Christian marriage.

The meet also resolved that in view of the forthcoming state general election, it would commit to consciously and faithfully exercise one's franchise and further rededicate to sensitize, advocate, promote and practice clean election in accordance with the NBCC Clean Election guidelines.

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Earlier, in the month of August 2017, the Nagaland Baptist Church Council had directed its constituent associations and Churches in Nagaland to refrain from practicing yoga stating that "Yoga is a spiritual and physical discipline deeply rooted in the religious beliefs and practices of Hinduism, and hence it is not compatible with Christianity."

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