Nagaland: AAP denies having official coalition meeting with NPF


DIMAPUR, May 17, 2018: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Nagaland has denied that it sent two senior party members to NPF President, Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu's residence on May 10 to discuss a possible coalition in the upcoming Lok Sabha election.

In a press release issued on Wednesday, AAP Nagaland spokesperson, Dr. Lemwang Chuhwanglim said, "AAP Nagaland has no intention or interest to support neither NPF nor NDPP in the upcoming Lok Sabha Election."

AAP Nagaland clarified that the "NPF had been indulging in the corruption activities for the past 15 years and NDPP has BJP alliance. Both the parties stand against the manifesto of the AAP. Therefore, AAP Nagaland will not support or ally with any political party that indulges in corruption."

The spokesperson further revealed that the alleged meeting was planned by former member identified as Sushil Kumar who withdrew from the party after the 2018 general election, who had met Dr. Liezietsu "individually" with one Akavi N Zhimomi (Ex-candidate) "without the consent of the party officers."

The party had an executive meeting on May 15 to identify the issue and found Zhimomi and Kumar as "anti-AAP" for "indulging in such activities based on personal interest without any order or permission from the party office."

Consequently, the house resolved to suspend Zhimomi from the party with effect from May 16 till further notification.

TNT News with inputs from Morung Express

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