Nagaland: 5 teenagers who fled home for Bangalore in search of job return home safe


TNT Desk | March 27, 2018

Leaving one's home in Northeast India to become part of the glamorous lifestyle in mainland India is something that attracts youth from all walks of life. Many young people being duped by middlemen of huge sums of money in return for a lucrative job in big cities is not a new phenomena. Not only youth but teenagers are often prey to the glitz and glamour of the city life without realizing the consequences of the same. In a similar incident,  five students of class IX ran away from their home in Nagaland without the consent of their parents and reached Bangalore on March 7 in search of job.

The students confessed that they despised school life and hence decided to look for a job elsewhere.  As per the statement issued by Naga Students' Union Bangalore (NSUB) and Eastern Naga Students' Union Bangalore(ENSUB), they managed to book train tickets with the money they received during elections and from what they had stolen from their parents. They reached Bangalore on March 7.

The statement also informed that while on their way to Bangalore, they lost all their money and mobile phones in the train. They were left behind with no money, trapped in Bangalore railway station. An auto driver came and asked where they were going and they replied, they were searching for a job in Bangalore. The auto driver recommended them a job in a restaurant. They worked in one of the restaurants for a day and left since they did not like the job. After which they joined another restaurant named New Shanthi Sagar and worked there until NSUB and ENSUB found out about them.

* Their Parents contacted the office of NSUB and ENSUB on 13th of March 2018. NSUB and ENSUB executives immediately stepped in, helped, rescued and gave them shelter until their parents came to Bangalore to pick them on 16th of March 2017. All of them are safe and reached Nagaland.

* The Office of NSUB and ENSUB states that, no minors will be allowed to work in Bangalore as it is illegal and shall be sent back home. The Office of NSUB and ENSUB also express gratitude to Rev. Zhabu Yimsung, Pastor NCF Bangalore for helping the unions and offering a shelter to the students.

The president of NSUB, Nuthipru Nienu urged the Naga students not to be fooled by a glamorous city life style as it is filled with hardship if they do not have the right skill set and qualifications.

"Your future depends on your foundation, either you stay in school and study hard to have a successful life in future or you give up now and suffer the rest of your life", he was quoted as saying.

Nuthipru Nienu also recommended his concern to be careful in regards to giving out money to a minor student during the elections as such practice may lead to misuse of money by teenagers.

Featured image courtesy: Taylor&Emmet LLP Solicitors