VIDEO Narrow escape for traveler in Mizoram as landslide triggers panic right after a picture!


June 15, 2017:  A video had gone viral on various social media websites showcasing a man taking a selfie in a landslide prone area soon after which the landslide gutted the vehicles. Evidently the traveler had a narrow escape. As per a report on Zoram Observer website, The video clip is said to be taken somewhere near the state capital of Aizawl. One person can be seen posing for quick a video shot as someone in the back can be heard saying, "We need to leave this area immediately."

However, within second, before they could move away from the spot, the land slipped away and buried some vehicles which were coming from behind.

Sources said there were no casualties and the passengers escaped with minor injuries.

You can watch the video below:

Narrow escape 4 travellers as landslide continue across #Mizoram. Don't take selfie in landslide-prone areas. #ThursdayThoughts #landslides

— Hmar Tweets (@hmar) June 15, 2017

Video Courtesy: Hmar Tweets