Mizoram: The last Welsh ‘Lorrain’ missionary gravely ill, Mara churches call for prayer


AIZAWL, 2 April, 2018: Rev. Violet Louise Anne Mark, the last bloodline of the pioneer Welsh missionary in Mizoram Rev. Reginald Arthur Lorrain, is gravely ill at her residence at Saikao in southern Mizoram. The Evangelical Church of Maraland has called for prayer for the recovery of their beloved missionary.

The granddaughter of Rev. Lorrain, Rev Violet Louise Anne Mark has opted to stay behind at Saikao in Siaha district of Mizoram even after the Welsh Lakher Mission was called off in 1977. She married a Mara theologian Rev L Mark and has been living in her grandfather's Lorrains Ville bungalows at Saikao village, some 300 kilometres from Aizawl.

Pi Vaili, as she is known to the Mara community has been suffering from hypertension and her condition became worse last Thursday.

"Calls for prayers were requested to all the churches in Mizoram, and mass prayers were held on Easter Sunday across Siaha districts, our prayers are being answered and Pi Vaili has shown response to the medical treatment and showed signs of improvements," said Rev. Ch Chhama, a pastor of Siaha Vengpui.

Hiphei, the speaker of Mizoram state assembly, who also hails from the region had sent a note of solidarity to the ailing missionary.

"Members of the Mara autonomous district council have called on the best doctors of the region to treat the missionary, she is being monitored 24/7 treatment by the best doctors," Rev. Ch Chhama said.

The Lorrains have decided to stay behind despite the termination of the Welsh Pioneer Mission, they are loved by the Mara people and their legacy is being termed as 'Heaven-sent.' Even after the death of Rev. RA Lorrain, his wife Maud Louise Ullander Lorrain continued, she was awarded the Kaiser-i-Hind Silver Medal for her meritorious works for the British army during the Second World War.

Rev. RA Lorrain was the founder of the Evangelical Church of Maraland, he was the first pioneering missionary to the Mara people at the southern extreme of the then Lushai Hills. He established the Welsh Lakher Mission at Saikao village on 26 September 1907 and his descendants have been living there since.

Rev Violet Louise Anne Mark was born at Saikao on the 16th of April, 1938.

Source: UNI

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