Mizoram | MZP demands apology from Centre for 1966 IAF bombing of Aizawl


AIZAWL, March 6, 2019: The Mizo Zirlai Pawl (MZP) has demanded an apology from the central government for the Aizawl bombing on March 5, 1966 by the then Indira Gandhi government.

While observing the Zoram Ni to mark the 53rd anniversary of the the alleged aerial bombing of Aizawl, MZP president, L Ramdinliana Renthlei said, "The Indian government bombed its citizens and ruthlessly abused and raped the people and they need to apologize to the State."

He added, "On March 5, 1966, the small and peaceful territory of Mizoram was attacked by the Indian Air Force (IAF) using dreadful bombs upon innocent citizens. The incident cannot die in the Mizo youth and today we remember the day Indian government gave an answer using a bomb to its innocent citizens."

Mizoram was never a part of India, and someday God will make us free from this bondage", concluded Renthlei.

During the infamous bombing, the Indian Air Force used an array of incendiary bombs, killing several civilians.

While the Indira Gandhi government has denied the aerial attacks, many historians and writers have shed light on the horrific scenes from the bombing.