Meghalaya to receive Rs 220 cr loan from Centre to develop pig farming


SHILLONG | March 09, 2019:

Deputy Chief Minister, Prestone Tynsong today informed that the Centre would provide a loan of Rs 220 crore to the State Government through the National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC) for encouraging farmers to take up piggery and livestock farming.

"We have been assured by the Centre that the loan amount from the NCDC would be made available to the State Government at the earliest," Deputy Chief Minister said after inaugurating the long pending Multi-Species Modern Abattoir project at Mawlai Mawiong on Saturday.

According to Tynsong, through this loan amount, the State Government would provide soft loans to those farmers who are keen to take up piggery and livestock farming.

He said that the market for piggery and poultry is huge since eighty percent of the population of the State consumes meat.

"But till now the farmers are still lacking behind in transforming piggery and livestock farming into lucrative business opportunities. The State Government wants the farmers to take advantage of this vacuum which is there in the State in terms of meat production," Tynsong said.

Informing that the total requirement for pork meat in the State annually is 41,000 metric tonnes, he said that the State on its own is able to produce only around 31,000 metric tonnes annually.

"Therefore, there is shortage of around 12,000 metric tonnes. The shortage is being met by importing pigs from outside the State," Tynsong said. The Deputy Chief Minister said that the farmers can take advantage of the shortage in production by taking up piggery farming as a full time business.

"The farmers can adopt the modern method in both rearing and breeding of pigs and poultry. To fulfill this objective, the Government had recently launched the piggery mission," he added.

Talking about the Multi-Species Modern Abattoir project, Deputy Chief Minister said with the functioning of the abattoir project, the people of the city will now get wholesome and hygienic meat which would be checked by veterinarians to ensure the safety of the slaughtered animal for human consumption.

To ameliorate the environmental pollution from the abattoir, the Deputy Chief Minister has informed that the common facilities and utilities such as Effluent Treatment Facilities (ETF) was included in this project for scientifically managing the solid and liquid waste that emanate from the activity of the abattoir which will be treated within the project site.

Earlier, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary department senior officer and in-charge of the abbatoir, Dr. (Mrs) W. Challam in her introductory speech has informed that the Multi-Species Modern Abattoir was started by the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Department in the year 2010, sanctioned by the National Agricultural Bank for Rural Development (NABARD), under Rural Infrastructure Development Fund with a budget of Rs. 2167.20 lakh and has a capacity of slaughtering 240 cattle, 240 pigs and 160 goats per day.