Meghalaya: School headmaster alleged of indulging in illegal mining activities


SHILLONG | March 05, 2019:

A headmaster of a school in South West Khasi Hills has been alleged of violating the Meghalaya Service Conduct Rules, 1990 by indulging himself in 'illegal' mining activities and trade in Lum Pyndengru, SWKH.

The matter came to light after it was reported to the Director of School Education and Literacy, East Khasi Hills on March 4 by the Chamegong Riangshiang clan.

It was alleged that the headmaster identified as Tiperson Momin is illegal carrying out coal mining and stone quarrying from Bagli situated at Lum Pyndengru.

According to the agent of Lum Pyndengru, Brensly Riangshiang, Momin had formed an association by the name Bagli Export Association at Nonghyllam with Momin as the president. The association is carrying out illegal stone quarrying in the land of Lum Pyndengru which supposedly belongs to Chamegong Riangshiang.

It was alleged that stones are then being transported to the neighbouring country of Bangladesh and the activity had been going on for the past 7-8 years.

The agent also stated that the Chamegong Riangshiang had sent a notice last year requesting the Export Association not to carry out any illegal activities. "However, the association refused to pay heed to their request and continued with their illegal activities," said Riangshiang.

It may be mentioned that the said mineral-rich site is a disputed land with the clan and two individuals — Sebrian Nongbri and Enojini acha Nongririang, claiming ownership of the land, the case of which is pending with the Meghalaya High Court.

Another misc case was also filed in the HC by the clan with the prayer to stop Tiperson Momin and his export association from mining coal and quarrying of stone and also to stop the transportation of stone to Bangladesh from Pyndengru.

The Court in its order issued on March 1 had directed the KHADC, Sebrian Nongbri, Enojini acha Nongririang and the export association of Bagli to file their respective reply within 2 weeks and the next date for hearing has been fixed on March 18.

However, it was alleged that despite the case still pending in the High Court, Tiperson Momin and his export association is continuously carrying on with their mining activities in the disputed land.

The clan informed that last year, the KHADC had observed and declared that Lum Pynrengru land belongs to the clan after going through the record and documents submitted.

Following this, the clan has requested the Director of School Education to initiate disciplinary action as per service rule and as per the Meghalaya Education Code/Rules against the headmaster for indulging in "illegal activities of carrying out the stone quarrying and transportation of stone to Bangladesh from Lum Pyndengru."

The clan reminded that as per the Meghalaya Service Conduct Rules, 1990, in Rules 15 it is clearly mentioned that "No government employee shall except with previous sanction of the govt, engage himself, directly or indirectly in any trade or business or undertake any other employment."

They have asked the department to take strong action against Tiperson Momin for indulging in illegal trade, which is not permissible as per the service rule and which is against the sentiment and wishes of the Chamegong Riangshiang clan.

Furthermore, Riangshiang informed that Tiperson Momin neither belongs to the Chamegong Riangshiang nor a resident of Chibak and not even related with the opposite party. "He is a teacher and a government employee who formed the export association to carry out the illegal activities."

The agent further alleged the headmaster of challenging the clan's authority through "money power and instigating and influencing the Bagli Export Association to carry out stone quarrying."