Meghalaya: Miscreants break into man’s residence in Happy Valley, Shillong, rob him of property worth over a lakh


TNT News | April 24, 2019

Instances of theft and robbery in various pockets of Happy Valley area of Shillong has been doing the rounds for the past two weeks and amidst the fear that has gripped residents, a theft incident in the area has alerted the people.


A person by the name of Asim Kumar Pal has lodged a complaint that on April 20 between 8.15 am and 1 pm, unknown miscreant(s) broke into his residence at Happy Valley, Shillong and stole (1) cash Rs. 8,000/-, (2) jewelry valued around Rs. 1,20,000/-, and other materials total valued around Rs. 14,000/-.

An FIR has been filed by the victim in this regard and more updates on the case is yet to be known.

Speaking to TNT- The Northeast Today, a resident from Happy Valley area of Shillong said, " We had been hearing of many cases since the past few weeks in which thieves entered the houses in broad daylight and robbed people of their valuable possessions. We had alerted many people about this. We were not sure if these instances were true or just rumors but now we know it must be true".

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