Meghalaya: Maxter Warjri releases song entitled "Ko Khun Syiem"



Shillong's artist Maxter Warjri released a song entitled "Ko Khun Syiem" on Friday.

The song is sung in Khasi dialect and speaks of a bountiful love that a father has for his daughter.

The song takes a quick recap of the fathers' life of his youthful days, with a sense of self-introspection that how self-centred attitude never brought him contentment.

He finally sees that life has much to offer after he is blessed, with a daughter, and the profound joy is inexplicable.

"This is a journey of self-discovery for him. This intense passionate love also resonates of the deep love that God, our Heavenly Father has for us," said Maxter.

The cast in the video includes Hilarius kharbihkhiew, Deikisha Talang and Naudya.

The production team includes Hilarius kharbihkhiew, Maxter Warjri (Lyrics and music), Augustine Kurbah (music arrangement), Kenny Lyngdoh, Khonin Rabha, Sawdamut Kharbuki, Sumeet Nanggom (video production), Ardon Rumnong and Lamonte Pakyntein (mix n flow studio).

(Edited by Gabriel G Momin)