Meghalaya: KSU takes out ‘victory rally’ after CAB lapse in RS


SHILLONG | Feb 13, 2019:

The Khasi Students' Union (KSU) today carried out a victory rally across the capital city after the contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill lapsed in Rajya Sabha.


The Rajya Sabha was adjourned sine-dine today without tabling the CAB, much to the relief of the people of Northeast India, who have been vehemently opposing the bill.

Celebrating the 'victory' of Northeast against CAB, KSU members today waved their blue flags while chanting victory slogans during the rally today.

KSU General Secretary, Donald Thabah, while thanking the leaders of NESO for aggressively campaigning in New Delhi against the Bill, asserted that the Union would continue to oppose any Bill which is detrimental to the existence of indigenous community.

Thabah admitted that the KSU had planned a surprised dharna in the city if the Bill would have been passed.

"The Bill was not passed in Rajya Sabha probably because of the fact that  BJP Government understood that they are not in majority," Thabah said confidently.

While stating that the protests in Northeast over CAB have put the BJP in the backfoot, the KSU leader said that the people of North East should always be ready to fight against such draconian laws.

"It is a proud moment for the NGOs of the North East who have proved that together they can fight against such draconian laws," he added.

When asked about the idea of issuing work permits to the residents of Bangladesh to come and work here in Meghalaya, Thabah said that the organization would oppose any Bill which is a threat to the indigenous communities of the state.

He also questioned the idea behind issuing work permits to Bangladeshis saying there is no dearth of labourers here in Meghalaya.