Meghalaya: Jhalupara residents oppose govt’s decision to cremate body of late doctor


Shillong, Apr 15:

The body of senior doctor, who breathed his last today after battling the noval coronavirus, is yet to be cremated.

Sources informed that his body is still lying at his residence at Nongrim Hills.

The State Government had planned to take the body to the electric crematorium at Jhalupara as per the guidelines of the WHO and Government of India.

The ashes of the late doctor would then be put in the coffin and then it will taken for burial at his farm house near Nongpoh.

However, the local residents of Jhalupara have opposed this decision of the Government since they fear that the disease would spread as the crematorium lies right in the middle of the locality.


According to the residents, the local people who work in the crematorium are not skilled and they do not have the necessary protective gears.

The people of the locality came out of their houses to oppose this decision of the Government.

The district administration was trying its best to speak to the local residents but the latter remained adamant and refused to comply with the request of the district administration.

When contacted, Health and Family Welfare Minister, Alexander Laloo Hek informed that they are still trying to work out a plan to take the body to the electric crematorium at Jhalupara.

"We are trying to cremate the body of the senior doctor tonight itself. I am hopeful that we will be able to find a solution to this," Hek said.


Meanwhile, the Executive committee of the Nongpoh Dorbar Shnong held a meeting today after the family members of the deceased patient had sought permission to bury the body in the farmhouse which is located at Nongpoh.

The Nongpoh Dorbar Shnong said that the meeting resolved not to grant the permission since they fear that the disease would be spread in the vicinity.

"The late doctor is not a permanent resident of Nongpoh," the Nongpoh Dorbar Shnong added.

Hek said that they are still trying to discuss the issue with the people of the village.