Meghalaya group initiates "Support Local Artist" project for struggling artists



This video highlights the contribution of a music production group from Shillong, Meghalaya called DBRYN who has been engaged in music production for about 10 years now.

On January 2020, the group came up with an initiative to support various upcoming artists in Meghalaya through their project "SUPPORT LOCAL ARTIST", a mass campaign that will support local artist in music and video production.

Upcoming rapper from Shillong, Synshar aka Venon, who is well known for his ingenious Khasi rap called "Niangkalaw" or cockroach, is one of the artists supported by the group.

A student of class 12, Venon along with his friend Matuk have all along been creating music and music videos using only a mobile phone.

The group have successfully completed the 1st music video production called "Jingim" with a local artist James Kharsyntiew and now are about to release their second production with Venon on 29th December 2020.

Along with the support of a Congress legislator from Mawlai, PT Sawkmie, Soul edit, OB Customs and other well wishers, the group came up with merchandise items to be able to sponsor these projects.

Speaking on the way forward in sponsoring struggling artists here, the group said that they will come up with an online competition where they will select the talented and deserving artists to feature in the upcoming productions.