Meghalaya: Former Deputy CM Bindo Lanong slams Mukul Sangma’s claim on ILP


By Christopher Gatphoh and Andre Kongri

Shillong: Former Deputy Chief Minister Bindo Lanong on Monday refuted the claims of opposition leader Mukul Sangma that only few leaders were consulted by the high-level committee (HLC) of 2012, which had recommended the implementation of Inner Line Permit (ILP).

“There was consultation with multiple stakeholders including ministers, CEMs (Chief Executive Members) of all district councils, members of civil society and traditional heads. After we had our last meeting on Dec 4, 2012, the HLC decided on recommending the ILP,” Lanong, also a senior leader of United Democratic Party (UDP), told TNT-The Northeast Today.

“When Congress was in power and Mukul Sangma came in as the Chief Minister again in 2013, despite our recommendation, he rejected it and suddenly decided to introduce a new law called Meghalaya Regulation of Landlords and Verification of Tenants Bill, 2013,” he added, highlighting that there was no reason given for the rejection.

Mukul on Sunday told the media that Lanong recommended the ILP in 2012 to try and gain political mileage for the elections in 2013 and had not thought about the future of the state because of lack of consultation within the HLC.

“It was Mukul who made the committee. We recommended the ILP after internal consultation and then he suddenly changed the ILP scenario by bringing in the Meghalaya Regulation of Landlords and Verification of Tenants Bill. He himself did everything and suddenly it is my political move? I rubbish this claim,” Lanong said.

On the frowning of the Confederation of Meghalaya Social Organisations (CoMSO), National People’s Party (NPP) and UDP on Mukul’s demand for the implementation of the Meghalaya Residents Safety and Security Act (MRSSA) in its original form, Lanong said that Mukul “cannot make up his mind.”

“Mukul is not firm with any idea. If a person is not stable in their convictions, there is nothing left to say to the person. He should first decide to stick with one stance and only then a debate can happen. Else it is useless talking to him,” Lanong said.

“From Mukul being CM to him being the leader of opposition now, all his stances have changed suddenly. And he is the one blaming others of having political motives.”

(Edited by Anirban Paul)