Meghalaya: Floods finally recede in Garo Hills; what happens next?


TURA | July 30, 2019:

In a major relief to the people of Garo Hills, the flood waters in the plain belt of the region have finally receded allowing the affected people to return to their homes.

Termed as one of the biggest deluges to hit Garo Hills, the flood saw more than 1.62 lakh people affected in the two districts of South West and West Garo Hills with 2 deaths reported from the rising waters, both in SWGH.

Many thousands were lodged in camps that were set up by the government with many thousands more making their shelters alongside roads with their animals.

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Flood in WGH was announced on Jul 14 and on Jul 15 in SWGH.

However, the situation and the support provided by the government in most areas has left most victims feel a touch disappointed. The government announced only 14 days of GR whereas those affected have admitted that they were in no position to bring things back to normal despite the lowering of water levels.

Meanwhile, taking into account the problems being faced by the victims of the recent floods, the NPP MLA from Phulbari, SG Esmatru Mominin (Rahibul) will be meeting the CM, Conrad Sangma tomorrow, Jul 31, to discuss the matter so that further assistance can be provided to the victims.

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The MLA had earlier written to the disaster management minister, Kyrmen Shylla seeking an extension of relief as well as some household items to be given to those affected.

"They are in desperate need as most of their household utensils have been washed away. Most of those affected were daily wage labourers. It will take time for them to rebuild their lives and I am seeking the assistance so that they are able to get back on their feet quicker," said Rahibul on the matter today.

He added that most of those affected have gone back to their houses, but needed to start from scratch and all support would be welcomed by these victims at this time.

"Only a few are still in camps. Water has receded below their house levels though it is still in their paddy fields. Hopefully more support will be given to them," the MLA added.

Narrating their situation, one of the flood affected victims said, "My entire house was under water during this flood and I had to move everything that I could to another friend's house. Unfortunately his house also came under water. This is not a one off case. It happened to most of us. We have lost almost everything, including our paddy, our utensils and even our animals' food. We can only plead with the government to make some arrangements for us to get us started."