Meghalaya: Congress accuses NPP over absconding Rongrikimgre MDC


TURA | MARCH 17, 2020:

In Meghalaya, Congress MDC, Stevie Marak has accused the ruling National People's Party (NPP) an alliance with the BJP of hiding the MDC of Rongrikimgre, Wenison Marak after the MDC came in the firing line over the killing of wild pigeons and posting the same on social media.

Interestingly the MDC, who recently joined the BJP, was to vote against the NPP in the floor of the GHADC last week. His absence led to the NPP winning the vote under very controversial circumstances. The development had led to the BJP seeking administrative rule in the GHADC.

The MDC has gone missing ever since his post on social media with 2 wild pigeons surfaced leading to an FIR being filed against him and the Wildlife Department looking to question him on the matter.

"It is definitely due to the NPP and the CM, Conrad Sangma, that Wenison has been able to evade the law as he is under their protection. His absence from the GHADC House during voting is questionable even as the NPP has continued to sully the democratic nature of the GHADC through their acts," said Stevie.

The Boldamgre MDC has been critical of the NPP led EC over the run of events and confirmed that they too would be taking the matter to the Court.

"We will challenge how they passed the floor test in Court and we are sure that the MDC (Wenison) is being hidden by the NPP. That is why no one has been able to find him or even arrest him. The NPP should come clean on the matter as they are helping someone wanted by the law for their collective gain," said Stevie.