Meghalaya: CAB is RSS-BJP’s project to divide India on religious lines: Congress


SHILLONG | November 4, 2019:

AICC senior leader, Jairam Ramesh said that the Congress will strongly and firmly opposed the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) of the BJP led NDA Government which is likely to be introduce in the Parliament during the upcoming Winter Session.

"The amendment bill is an attempt to divide Indian Society which violates Article 14 and Article 21 of the Constitution. The CAB is anti-secular and is anti-constitutional since it is against the preamble of the Constitution," AICC senior leader said adding that the amendment bill also violates Article 14 and Article 21 of the Constitution.

He further alleged that the CAB is an RSS BJP project to divide India on religious lines. "The civil society, political leaders and political parties of the region had strongly opposed the CAB. We will fight against it because this anti-constitution and it will change the real nature of India," AICC senior leader told reporters after meeting leaders in the MPCC, MLAs and party functionaries at Congress Bhawan here today.

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On the issue of National Register of Citizens or NRC, Ramesh said that the Congress party is strongly opposed to the illegal migrants and migration.

According to him, the NRC in Assam was historical legacy and it was part of the Assam Peace Accord in 1985. AICC senior leader however observed that there are 19 lakh number of foreigner who has been detected no valid documents to provide that they are citizen of India.

He said that the NRC in Assam has a history but to repeat NRC in other States require lots of homework.

"We have to create political climate and we need to ensure that the NRC does not become an instrument of harassment," AICC general secretary said adding that people should not fear of intimidation because of NRC.

"A political consensus is required before we jump into NRC outside Assam. NRC is also an instrument of the BJP and RSS to divide and polarize Indian society. We will not allow India become a heaven for illegal immigration. We know the NRC is being by Amit Shah to divide and polarize in the Indian society," Ramesh said.

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On the implementation of the MRRSA, 2016, he said that it is a comprehensive law but three years the Meghalaya Government slept over this Act. "The State Government did not bother to implement this Act and suddenly they recover that the Act needs an amendment," AICC senior leader said.

Stating that they are not aware what is the amendment, he said that the State Government should make public on the amendment and have a public debate.

"We want the State Government to immediately implement the MRSSA, 2016. In the process of implementation if there is a need for an amendment then let be it," AICC senior leader said.

He said that the Act has been designed to provide all the necessary safeguards of the citizens of the States and at the same address the concern of the indigenous tribe of the State. "The Government should not delay to implement the existing Act as mandated," Ramesh said.

Meanwhile, CLP leader, Dr Mukul Sangma said that there is a wrong perception being created that MRSSA 2016 does not have enough teeth.

"The different clauses of this Act have been design and conceptualize in order to address the concern people of the State particularly to ensure no illegal immigrants enter the State," Dr Mukul said.