Meghalaya Assembly discusses Indo-Bangladesh border fencing issue



Meghalaya Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma today informed that a total of 329.260 km out of the 448.981 km of the international boundary with Bangladesh has already been fenced.

Replying to a query during the Question Hour in the Assembly today, Sangma informed that 46.970 km is under progress, 12.318 km is non-feasible gaps and the fencing work is yet to start for 60.533 km.

It may be mentioned that Meghalaya has 448.57 km international boundary with Bangladesh.

Replying to the supplementary question raised by Mawphlang independent MLA, Syntar Klass Sunn, Meghalaya Chief Minister informed that there are total number of 11 adverse possessions and out of which, 07 of the adverse possessions are in India and two in Bangladesh.

He said that some of the adverse possessions are in Jaintia Hills region.

Sangma also mentioned that a land boundary agreement and working groups had also been constituted to resolve the adverse possessions.

According to him, 04 of the adverse possessions were resolved and 07 still remain unresolved. Sangma further informed that Meghalaya has gained 1.43 km additional land after the 04 adverse possessions were resolved.

Meghalaya Chief Minister said that the Government of India and Bangladesh Government will again be working to resolve the remaining 07 adverse possessions along the international border

Sangma also said that some of pillar locations might have been changed in view of the protocol adopted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina.

Reply to another supplementary question of Sunn on the exchange of enclave and adverse possession of land, Meghalaya Chief Minister claimed that the State had gained from this exercise.

On the question regarding the location of Pyrdiwah village, he said that Pyrdiwah village is located inside of the boundary.

On the question of the independent MLA from Mawphlang if fencing would be erected from the zero-line or 150 yard inside the boundary, Sangma said there was an agreement in principle that fencing will be done from the zero-line.

On the opposition to the fencing in certain stretches by some organizations and groups, he said that a survey was supposed to be done in February this year adding that the joint inspection and survey was postponed in view of the unforeseen development which had taken place.

"A final agreement is expected to be arrived at once the joint inspection is done," Meghalaya Chief Minister said.

He further informed that the last engagement between the MHA and the Bangladesh Government was held in February 27, 2020.