Grassroot Shillong organises fundraising event to encourage organic enterprises



A fundraising event was organised by Grassroot Shillong (an NGO working with the indigenous people of Meghalaya) last week, at Moolang and Wapung villages of East Jaintia Hills, to encourage organic enterprises.

The event was part of an extended training programme, ‘Skills to Succeed’ supported by Quest Alliance for 152 youth of East Jaintia Hills District in six villages -- Moolang, Wapung, Lumchyrmit, Sohkhymphor, Cham Cham and Iapmala.

This training programme aimed at encouraging young minds to appreciate and understand the value and demand for indigenous products.

The objective of the fundraiser was to generate income (seed money), so the groups could utilise the funds for their home-based industry, thereby providing opportunities and empowerment to the rural communities.

The products displayed and sold were locally made by the trainees. The products exhibited were organic jams and beverages made from local fruits (apple, orange, pear, and pineapple), meat and tamarind pickles (achar), cupcakes, putharo (steamed rice cake) and ginger candies.

An inter-clan football match was also organised as part of the event at Wapung with Rs.1500 as an entry fee for each team to further enhance their investment and marketing skills.