CAB row: Majoritarian rule will not work in India, says UDP as party reiterates stand on bill



The United Democratic Party (UDP) on Sunday reiterated its decision to "vehemently" oppose the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) while stating that majoritarian rule in the country will not work in the present context unless the views, voices and apprehension of the other diverse groups are taken into consideration.

"If we talk about majoritarian rule in the country this will not work. In the present context and situation, it is only when the other diverse groups whichever religion caste, race or colour are taken into consideration," said senior UDP leader and  General Secretary, Jemino Mawthoh.

Raising question over the eagerness of the Centre to re-table the CAB in the Parliament, Mawthoh said "We feel that the government should take some time… there should be wider consultation as CAB is concerned as we need to understand a little bit deeper as far as the context of NE is concerned".

Stating that just because one party is at the helm of affairs at the centre it does not mean that they can do whatever they like, Mawthoh said, "The sentiments of the minorities have to be respected not just in the point of view of religious minorities but also ethnic minorities."


Asked for his observation on the meeting of the Union Home Minister, Amit Shah with representatives of various political parties, social organisations and student bodies, the UDP leader said, "We had asked for a wider consultation right from the very beginning. What is important is that the whole objective to realise the apprehension of the people of the NE needs to be taken into consideration".

Stating that reasonable restrictions in the context of North East should be applied, Mawthoh said, "Decisions can be taken at the 11 th hour also and even at this stage I feel that if the government is extra sensitive to the apprehensions of the ethnic minorities of the NE, they should do something in this regard".

He also cautioned that any type of imposition or bulldozing will not work unless the diversity of this great country is understood and respected.

Pointing that all the forces of the state are rallying in one voice in opposition to the CAB, Mawthoh said that the UDP stands with everyone in this and vehemently opposes it. He observed that the coming of all the political parties, stakeholders and people is a good sign for the state.