Small chocolate manufacturing unit from Manipur gets mentioned in The New York Times



The prestigious newspaper 'The New York Times', has put a small chocolate manufacturing unit of Manipur in their news article this festive season.

Hill Wild is a “small company” founded by Zeinorin Stephen in 2017 with her husband, Leiyolan Vashum, in Ukhrul, Manipur.

They make chocolates “infused with locally harvested sesame and perilla seeds, plum and wild apple.”

The owners of Hill Wild posted on Facebook, “This is so so amazing. A small company based in the remotest corner of India- Ukhrul struggling with various bottlenecks of existence let alone thriving but relentlessly working to create a company that truly believes, highlights in indigenous produces giving rise to infused chocolates and dried fruits made it to THE NEW YORK TIMES that too along with brands that we admire from far. So much to learn, so much to gain and very energised to offer. What a collective beauty. We are so honoured. Truly. Fueling us to make it better”.

(Edited by Ladiangti Rani)


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