Manipur: ‘Women’s market’ remains non-functional after inauguration months ago


CHURACHANDPUR, April 26, 2018: In another glaring example of complacency on the part of the state government, the 'Nute Bazaar' or 'women's market' located at New Bazaar, Lamka, still remains non-functional even after months of its inauguration.

The women's market was formally inaugurated by the Prime minister of India on March 2018 amidst a lot of fanfair and publicity with people rushing to get a glimpse of the colourful building and marketers buying vegetables and other goods. However, the present situation is completely different from what the people expected with the market complex remaining deserted besides construction workers.

At present, dozens of workers are trying to construct drains and apply finishing touches to the upper floor of the market which has also filled the complex with debris of construction materials. The construction of the market place began in November 2017 with a central government funding of Rs 10 crore.

Citing the example of the non-functional status of the Khuga Multipurpose Dam project which was formally inaugurated more than a decade back, many denizens of the district has raised discontentment about the ills of premature inauguration of projects which they said compromise quality and actual utilisation.

It is an interesting thing to note that the 'Nute Bazaar' was chosen as the best among five such market sheds that was constructed in various districts of Manipur. And ironically, during the 12th Civil Service Day ceremony held at Imphal on March 21, the chief minister felicitated the executive engineers of Manipur Police Housing Corporation (MPHC) and the contractor of 'Nute Bazar' for their "completion of constructions and good work" of this unfinished and yet to be occupied bazaar. The stall occupants, for which allotment problems still exist, were coerced to sit and sell goods on the inauguration day after which they all vanished the day after as construction works on the marketplace had to resume.

TNT News with inputs from Imphal Free Press

Image Courtesy: Imphal Free Press