Meghalaya NGO files FIR against Assam resident for “breaking through barriers” despite lockdown


Tura, Apr 9:

The All Meghalaya Minority Students' Union (AMMSU) has filed an FIR against an Assam resident for allegedly breaking the make shift barriers to enter Meghalaya despite lockdown being put in place.

It was also informed that the person in question also threatened the residents of Meghalaya after he managed to break the barriers set up by the NGO in conjunction with the local police.

According to the FIR filed by AMMSU, the person, identified as Abdus Salam Shah of Bagjhapa, Hazirhat in Sukchar in South Salmara district, has been roaming in the state of Meghalaya aimlessly despite the nationwide lockdown called by PM, Narendra Modi.


"He has been roaming around in his car (Black colour Scorpio) in many places of Meghalaya and even threatened the residents of Char Magurmari in WGH. Recently he has even broke the bamboo fencing set up by us with the help of police at the interstate border, as part of the lockdown," said the FIR by the NGO.

The NGO felt that the motive of the Assam resident did not seem to be good.

"The matter is very serious in nature as the person was scaring Meghalaya residents. He and his friends forcibly burst through the gates set up in Meghalaya despite the lockdown," said the FIR.

The NGO has sought an inquiry into the matter and for the accused from Assam to be booked under appropriate sections of the law for his misdemeanor.

The FIR was filed yesterday, April 8, at the Rajabala Outpost under Phulbari PS in WGH in Meghalaya.

Meanwhile, police sources informed that a complaint has been received and enquiry to ascertain occurrence of congnizable offense is on.