Fresh wave of flood hits Assam



A fresh wave of flood hits Assam, affecting over 15,000 people in Nagaon and West Karbi Anglong district.

Continuous rainfall in the past few days in Assam and Meghalaya have led to an increase in the water levels of Kopili river and Borpani river, submerging at least 35 villages in Nagaon and West Karbi Anglong district.

The floodwaters of Kopili and Borpani river had breached few portions of embankment, roads and submerged several villages in Kampur and Baithalangso areas on Sunday.

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The floodwaters have submerged Pramila, Madhabpara, Kachua, Longjap, Jaroni, Borpathar, Lutumari and many other areas. Several hectares of croplands are now underwater and have rendered people homeless.

The authorities of Karbi Langpi Hydro Electric Project had released several gates after the water level of the project rose.

The District administration, SDRF teams have engaged in rescue operations in the flood-hit areas. Nearly 58 lakh people of 30 districts of Assam have been affected in this year’s flood, and 124 people have lost their lives in the deluge.