Assamese stage anti-CAA protest in Goa


Panaji, Dec 21 (IANS) 

Several hundred Assamese, both settled and employed in Goa, staged a peaceful protest at the Azad Mandan Square, here, to demand withdrawal of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

Speaking to the media after the protest, Dipak Kalita, Assam Society of Goa spokesperson, said the government should focus on providing basics, like food, jobs and good roads, instead of allowing people from Bangladesh into Assam in the name of religious persecution.

"We are protesting to send across a message to the central government that we are unhappy with the CAA and it should be withdrawn," Kalita said.

"It's not a religious issue, but an issue about the identity of Assam. We don't want more foreigners to settle in Assam, irrespective of their religious identities," Kalita said.

Local students as well as Assamese artists, who are here to attend the Serendipity Arts Festival, participated in the protests.