WATCH | A virtual tour of Arunachal Pradesh with Salman Khan and Maten Rey Tangu!


April 14, 2018

As much of a boost as tourism in India has received in the past decade, some parts of the country still remains unexplored, be it due to lack of the right PR or just inapproachability. Arunachal Pradesh is one such state, the beauty of which is yet to be explored by a number of Indian and foreign travellers.

Throwing light on the same is this new video by Arunachal Tourism, featuring Salman Khan and his Tubelight co-actor Matin Rey Tangu. In the video, Matin can be seen taking Salman through the beauty of Arunachal, as Salman prods him for more. Starting with the beauty of Namsai, the golden temple, Matin takes Salman and the viewers through tourist-friendly spots like Pasighat, the tiny town of Mechukha, the picturesque Dambuk, Ziro Valley, and even talks about Arunachal Pradesh's primary water source, the Siang River. Watch the video for a virtual tour through the breath-taking Arunachal Pradesh:

Video Courtesy: Being Human Club