ASSAM | Major animal parts smuggling racket busted in Assam-Arunachal border


GUWAHATI, October 24, 2017:  In a joint operation conducted by the Assam forest department with the wildlife crime control bureau, a major international racket of smuggling animal parts was busted on Sunday.

Two people have been arrested who were part of the illegal wildlife trade. A huge number of smuggled animal parts have been seized from them.

The men were arrested at Harmoti on the Assam – Arunachal Pradesh border. The Arunachal Pradesh forest department also helped in the joint operation.

Among the seized parts were 45 wild bear biles, five leopard nails and three tiger bones. It is suspected that the animals were killed in the nearby tiger reserve. The seizure is worth Rs. 2 crore in the international market, authorities said.

The two suspected poachers arrested have been identified as Sarbat Pradhan and Ajit Saha.

Animal parts are in high demand across South Asia, particularly in China where they are used in traditional medicines.

Source: NDTV
Featured image courtesy: NDTV