Meghalaya Basketball team to stay home during National Basketball Championship due to financial constraints


SHILLONG, Jun 30 2017: In a sad state of affairs for the Meghalaya Basketball team, it was informed that the state young basketball players will miss a chance to be part of '34th Youth national Basketball Championship' due to financial constraints.

According to the joint secretary of the Meghalaya Basketball Association, Donald Steven Wahlang, a team could not participate in the above Championship this time around due to financial constraint that the Association is facing at the moment

"I would like to render my sincere apologies to the youth of the State and promise that in the next National Championship we will definitely be sending a State Team," Wahlang said.

Meanwhile, the association has also informed that three referee– Bhabok L. Nonglait, Ronald Kharumnuid and Khrawkupar Khongliar have been selected  to appear for Basketball Referees Examination 'B Panel' which will be held at Hyderabad in the '34th Youth national Basketball Championship' with effect from 1st to 8th July 2017. The trio arrived at Hyderabad on Thursday evening.

"On behalf of The Meghalaya Basketball Association and the Meghalaya Basketball Referees Board, we wish them success on their endeavors," Wahlang stated.

Furthermore, the MBA will be conducted 'The Meghalaya Open Basketball Championship 2017' for men and women in the 1st week of August 2017. "We will finalize the dates by the 1st week of July. So I request the Basketballers to get ready with their preparation for this event," added Wahlang.

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