Souper Bowl, Shillong’s own take on the Ramen Culture

Souper Bowl, Shillong’s own take on the Ramen Culture

Superbowl is perhaps the biggest sporting event in America and also home to some of the biggest musical acts during the halftime be it Beyonce, Janet Jackson or Prince. For many who are not familiar with the American sport Super Bowl is the highest level of professional American football  in the world.

But this influence of American culture has subtly been inspired for one of the latest and unique eateries in Shillong.
Be it humor or inspiration SouperBowl or a great branding strategy one thing is guaranteed, this is a great new addition in the ever growing food industry in Shillong.

Located at the hub area of the city at Anderson arcade, 4th floor……at the corner end of the building, Laitumkhrah. You’d come across an indication or sign of the place like this…


It’s a place similar to that of what you may have seen at the big chain outlets, like Mc Donald’s / KFC/ Subway, etc….with a counter theme of the same but unlike the big brands this is an indigenous brand from the city of Shillong. The menu listed for everyone to see.

However, it’s in a medium sized room filled with four tables with four chair seating for each. It’s a neatly done place with minimum decor of wood, glass and a color scheme to match. Well lit and a clean ambience. One cannot miss out on the view from the one sided windows wherein you get a view of the hills and the creeping concrete jungle. As daylight fades, you’d have a view of the concrete jungle of lights way up to the hills.

An interesting menu with a price range to fit everyone’s pocket ( all items within Rs 200), one can enjoy the variety of noodle soup platter and I’d recommend Khaosuey, a Burmese noodle soup which is just delectable to taste and also to look at. In fact, their dishes are fascinating delicious platters which you can see here below for yourself.

CPan Fried Noodles – all time Shillong favorite
DKhaosuey platter – An original take on the Burmese delicacy
EThe Local Veggie Bowl – for all those who want to go green
The service is catered by two lovely ladies who make sure that you are been taken care of with every order you take. They go the extra mile to make you feel welcomed and enjoy the whole experience.
Get ready to be Souper Bowled for all you food enthusiast out there in the city. It’s worth a try!

Ratings according to 5 people who visited the place.

Food: 6/7/8/7/5

Ambience: 6/6/7/6/7

Service: 7/7/7/8/7

In the end all I can say is that in this world where big international brands like KFC, Dominos and Pizza Hut are making their presence felt in our lives, something local is a refreshing change.

Now you don’t have to wait for a year to enjoy your super bowl ….Oops! Souper Bowl.

Bon Appétit!

(by Nocy Rangsa Marak)



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